Fit Learning St. Louis is an Alternative to Private School

Fit Learning St. Louis is an Alternative to Private School

Boy wearing glasses and looking up from a blue book. He's all ready for private school after receiving fun and personalized tutoring at Fit Learning St. Louis.

Are your child’s unique learning needs not being met in their current school? Are you considering a move to an expensive private school, hoping to see better results? Worried that a change of school placement will disrupt your child’s friendships? Not ready to spring for St. Louis’s Most Expensive Private School? Looking for a program with proven success for learners diagnosed with a learning disability or dyslexia?

If you are looking to accelerate your child’s academics, know that students attending Fit Learning…

  • can continue full-time attendance at their home school
  • don’t have to give up participation in their favorite clubs or sports teams
  • can continue attending school with their friends and neighbors

Fit Learning is the only place in the St. Louis area that uses precision teaching, direct instruction, curriculum-based measurement, and behavior science. Instruction is fast-paced and focused on fluency. Through this teaching approach, we will help improve your child’s core academic skills such as reading, writing, and math.

All of Fit’s Programs Use a Multi-Sensory Approach

Our approach has helped learners:

At Fit Learning, we tackle these problems right from the start. Our reading program, specifically, is systematic, explicit, includes phonemic awareness, and is phonics-based.

What to Expect with Fit Learning

The first step is our no-obligation comprehensive skills assessment.

The assessment identifies which skills your student has not yet mastered. This information allows Fit Learning to develop an individualized curriculum. Our certified learning coaches will teach your child to become fluent in the skills they need to be successful. This may include reading, math, writing, or critical thinking.

Boy wearing glasses peeks up from a book. He's an engaged and confident learner after 1:1 tutoring at Fit Learning. Call today to get your child targeted instruction that's proven effective by science.Our approach targets exactly what your child needs.

Your child can learn to be a masterful, competent, and confident student. We do this by providing fluency training. Fluency training will give your child the chance to go back and learn the academic skills missed in earlier grades. We will keep working on these skills in a fun, encouraging way until your child has mastered them.
And, once a learner’s skills are fluent, they become automatic, are retained over time without practice, and apply to higher-level or untrained skills. They’ll feel the confidence that comes from competence! These skills will set them up for success in other subjects. For example, being able to read well will help your child thrive in learning history, science, and math.

Fit Learning’s Precision Teaching Method is:

  • Evidence-based: We adhere to the principles of learning 
  • Systematic: Students learn and master basic skills before moving on to more complex skills
  • Focused on fluency: Your child will improve their skills until they become effortless
  • Individualized: Our instruction is delivered 1:1, never in a small group
  • Taught explicitly: Sessions are goal-driven with lots of opportunities to practice the right answer
  • Fast-paced: Coaches hold kids’ attention by moving swiftly, there’s no time to be bored
  • Rich and frequent feedback: “You got this!” “Go, girl!” Our coaches resemble sports coaches
  • Multi-sensory: Learners practice seeing, hearing, doing, moving, and writing
  • Fun! Learning coaches provide lots of positive reinforcement by rewarding effort as well as personal bests

Fit Reading Help for Dyslexic Students

A child wearing glasses points to the page they are reading from their book. This could represent a curious student benefiting from Fit Reading. Contact Fit Learning for more info on finding the right private school tutor in St. Louis, MO to get reading help for your child

Our method is the only one in the world to tie the most tested and researched methods into one comprehensive, instructional approach. As a result, this transformative process produces an average of 1 to 2 year’s worth of growth in as little as 40 hours.
The graph below illustrates Fit’s outcomes with learners diagnosed with dyslexia. 26 percentile rank gain after 40 hours of instruction on standardized tests. These outcomes are like those achieved with other learners.
Ideally, the reading instruction provided to the dyslexic child should be evidence-based, systematic, and delivered in a small group setting. Phonemic awareness and phonics should be taught explicitly. Learning should be active, with frequent teacher-child interactions. And the program should include many opportunities to practice reading, to develop fluency, to build vocabulary, to develop comprehension strategies, to write and to listen and talk about stories.”

How is Fit Learning’s approach to reading instruction like Wilson Reading System®️ or Orton-Gillingham?

Like Wilson Reading System®️ (WRS), Fit Learning is a curriculum based on teaching phonics and phonemic awareness. This is the only empirically validated means of training effective reading repertoires. The similarities also include the use of:
  • nonsense words
  • incorporation of spelling strategies
  • segmentation
  • the blending of words
All three approaches are multi-sensory, structured, and sequential.

How is Fit Learning’s approach to reading instruction different from Wilson reading System®️ or Orton-Gillingham?

Orton-Gillingham and WRS are missing the science of learning that is the base of our curriculum. Science guides how we measure learning, test mastery, and make quick instructional decisions based on learner performance. it also allows us to adjust our teaching practices so learning occurs at the best rate.
“I’ve never seen reading learners make progress the way they do at Fit Learning. It adds the science of learning to an Orton-Gillingham foundation to promote accuracy, speed, and self-confidence. It’s the difference between teaching someone to read and developing someone who loves to read—and that transformation happens within a few months. It’s like Wilson on steroids!”
Rhonda West is a speech-language pathologist. She has certification in Wilson Reading System®️ and the Fit Learning method.

The Fit Reading Approach Gets Results

The graphs below show how Fit Reading has helped students with dyslexia and kids with learning disabilities.

A graph shows the average words per minute for students with dyslexia. The intake group scored 72 average words per minute, while 40 hours scored 99. Fit Learning offers private school tutoring in St. Louis, MO. Contact a private tutor as an alternative to an expensive private school.
This graph shows the progress Fit Learners diagnosed with dyslexia make on a standardized reading test. Additionally, it shows them gaining an average of 27 correct words read per minute, in 40-hours.

A graph shows the average words per minute for all students. The intake group scored an average 84 words per minute, while the 40 hour group scored 114. Fit Learning offers private school tutoring in St. Louis, MO. Contact a private tutor to learn about Fit Tutoring, Fit Reading, and other services we offer! Get reading help in creave cour, MO today!This graph shows the progress ALL Fit Learners make on a standardized reading test. Additionally, they gained an average of 30 words per minute, in 40-hours.

A graph shows the average words per minute for students with a learning disability. The intake group scored an average 78 words per minute, while the 40 hours group scored 107. Fit Learning offers private tutor services in St. Louis, MO. Contact Fit Learning to learn more about Fit Tutoring, Fit Reading, and our other services. Get reading help in St. Louis todayThis graph shows the progress Fit Learners diagnosed with a learning disability make on a standardized reading test. Additionally, they gained an average of 29 correct words per minute, in 40-hours. The data shown represents testing done at all Fit Learning locations in the 4th quarter of 2019.

At Fit Learning, our mission is to transform the learning abilities of every child that walks through our doors. Now, we are doing it! If you think your child would benefit from our services, call Director, Janice Smith. She can assist you in setting up your comprehensive assessment today!

Begin Fit Reading and get reading help for your student in the St. Louis area

A child wearing glasses reads from their book with an interested look on their face. This could represent the effect Fit Tutoring has had on his reading ability. Contact Fit Learning for Fit Reading, Fit Tutoring, and other services. A private school tutor in St. Louis, MO who offers reading help may be the assistance your dyslexic child needs.

Your child doesn’t have to keep falling behind their peers in reading, or experience frustration when asked to read at home. If your child is struggling to keep up with their lessons and homework, help is available in our Fit Reading program. Our certified learning coaches have experience in providing tailored instruction using the latest learning and behavioral science technology. We approach learning to read in a new way that will help your child make real progress. All while feeling great about their reading!

To begin Fit Reading and get reading help in St. Louis, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Fit Learning St. Louis and speak with our Director.
  2. Schedule an intake assessment for your child.
  3. Begin Fit Reading and watch your child’s reading abilities and confidence grow!

Other Services Offered at Fit Learning

Fit Reading is not the only service we offer from our St. Louis, MO-based lab. We also provide support for your child through offering Fit Math, Fit Logic, Lil Fits, Fit Penmanship, Fit Writing, Fit Spelling, and Fit Homeschool. We also provide online services as well! Feel free to learn more about us, or visit our blog for more information!