The Curriculum

The Curriculum

Fit Homeschool

The school environment can often be challenging for a child. Sometimes, the challenge is so great that its detrimental effects outweigh the benefits. Additionally, there are times when a school placement fails to maximize a child’s full potential. In these cases, a homeschool placement is recommended. When choosing Fit Homeschool, parents elect through their school district to homeschool their child. Fit then provides homeschool support and supplementation in core skill areas. Children attend Fit sessions for three hours per day on five days per week and receive intensive one-on-one academic and cognitive training.

Fit Logic

Fit Logic trains grades K-12 to fluency in problem solving, advanced comprehension, critical thinking, and study skills.

Fit Math

Fit Math trains grades 1-12 to fluency in numeration, computation, fractions, decimals, ratios, percentages, algebra, and problem solving.

Fit Penmanship

Fit Penmanship trains K-12 to fluency on fine motor skills, proper grip, and form to create letters, words, and numbers.

Fit Reading

Fit Reading trains grades K-12 to fluency in phonics, phonemic awareness, oral and silent reading, comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary.

Fit Spelling

Fit Spelling trains grades 3-12 in phonetics and spelling.

Fit Writing

Fit Expressive Writing trains grades 3-12 in using grammar correctly, constructing sentences and paragraphs, brainstorming on a topic, organizing thoughts in preparation for writing, writing stories, and composing persuasive paragraphs or essays.

Lil Fits

Lil Fits trains pre-K to 1st grade to fluency in listening, understanding, following instructions, language building, reading readiness, and relational math concepts.

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