Empower Youth

Empower Youth

group of happy kids hugging and smiling, representing the learning opportunities provided through Fit Learning's partnership with Empower Youth

A Powerful Partnership

Empower Youth expands the reach of Fit Learning’s mission to transform educational practices and learning abilities for ALL children.

Fit Learning was founded in 1998 by a couple of graduate students in Reno, Nevada … in a broom closet (seriously)! Today, Fit Learning has grown to help learners all over the globe. By combining the science of learning with the art of teaching, Fit provides results for children of all ages, abilities, labels, and challenges. At Fit, our practices are driven by the core values of science, transformation, nurturing, teamwork, responsibility, change, integrity, and FUN! With these values at the forefront, Fit Learning aims to transform the learning abilities of each and every learner who walks through our doors. We want to give them the tools to achieve greatness in their communities and beyond!

With locations in 20 states and across three countries, Fit Learning’s noble cause remains as important as ever. That is, to transform educational practices in the world so that all students have the opportunity to develop the kinds of expertise and skills that will allow them to do great things and make a difference in their communities and beyond. Not only are we focused on transforming every learner, but by doing so, we are working towards transforming the way the world views education as a whole. 

Today, Fit Learning partners with Empower Youth, a non-profit organization that aims to tackle inequity in education. Two of Fit Learning’s founders, Dr. Kendra Brooks Newsome and Dr. Donny Newsome, serve as Empower Youth board members. This collaboration enables us to help and reach even MORE learners than just those enrolled directly at Fit Learning. 

Empower Youth’s goal goes hand-in-hand with ours: to provide the same life-changing instruction that Fit Learning offers to children who would otherwise be unable to receive it. In as little as 40 hours, under-served learners can see a whole year of growth in one of our Fit Learning programs, provided by Empower Youth. These include:

Through Fit Learning’s partnership, Empower Youth helps at-risk youth in northern Nevada — as well as active-duty military families — acquire and strengthen the types of skills that will help them make a difference in their lives and the world around them.

More About Empower Youth

Empower Youth partners with the Brett and Kelly Coleman Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and the Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra.

Its mission is to “transform the future opportunities of under-served youth with the science of learning.” Its vision is that “every student everywhere has access to an effective and efficient education.” Regarding its values, “Our initiative is founded in science, acted on with integrity, performed with compassion, and dedicated to improving the lives of children.”

To learn more about Empower Youth and its mission, support a learner, or donate directly, visit https://empoweryouthfoundation.org.

Blog written by Mira Fradkin