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Fit Homeschool

All of Our Programs Use a Multi-Sensory Approach That Greatly Improves Visual and Auditory Processing Speed, Working Memory, Executive Functioning, Confidence, and Perseverance

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  • You want to see your child enjoy learning again.

  • Without a dramatic change in your child’s learning environment, you’re worried they won’t catch up with their peers in school.

  • Your child is struggling to learn new academic skills because they require more intensive support than public or private school can provide. So, you’re considering homeschool.

  • Your child’s mental health needs are hindering their academic progress in a more traditional learning environment.

  • You have been homeschooling your child for a while, but you need some additional support.

As a parent, your child’s success in school is important to you. But they’re really struggling. In fact, you’ve done everything you can to support your child. Day after day, you’ve sat next to them at the kitchen table until you’re both frustrated and arguing with one another. You’ve paid for tutors before. And, while assignments might get turned in, it doesn’t feel like your child is truly understanding the curriculum any better than they did to start with. At this point, you both feel overwhelmed and you’re just looking for something different.

We CAN Close the Achievement Gap With Fit Homeschool

Academic progress may come more slowly for your child than others. But, we can help. Your child CAN learn math and reading and to think critically. At Fit Learning, our certified learning coaches make learning fun again. We will find gaps in their academic knowledge. Then, we can identify which concepts your child didn’t get a firm grasp on when they were first introduced.

Our learning coaches will fill in those gaps and teach your child using a totally different approach than they got in public school or from other tutors. Your child will work one-on-one with a learning coach. However, this won’t look like traditional tutoring or homework help. Our coaches are really good at helping your child learn the building blocks for academic success in a fun, new way.

Who Benefits From Our Homeschool Program at Fit Learning in St. Louis?

If you are considering homeschooling and…

  • You are tired of attending meetings to learn that your child isn’t making adequate progress on their IEP goals
  • Your child’s teacher has raised concerns at parent-teacher conferences
  • Their grades don’t reflect mastery
  • Instead of making academic gains, your child is slipping farther behind
  • Social demands and challenges at school are impeding your child’s academic growth and self-esteem
  • Your child doesn’t like school
  • Anxiety or stress has become a barrier to your child achieving their potential in school

You already homeschool your child and…

  • You need additional support
  • They’re not understanding the concepts in their homeschool curriculum
  • You’re tired of the constant arguments you both get in when it’s time to complete school work
  • You suspect your child is getting bored with the material that’s been given, and you want them to be challenged further

Our homeschool curriculum covers the basics and grows with the learner to include advanced concepts. In other words, we meet your child right where they are and help them grow academically.

This List Covers Some of the Broad Skill Areas Covered in Fit’s Homeschool Curriculum:

Fit Homeschool Can Help You and Your Child Be Successful While Learning at Home

second grade boy fist pumps his learning coach during fit homeschool in st. louis, mo at fit learning st. louis 63141. He gets math help, reading, help, and works on executive functioning skillsThe school environment can often be challenging for a child. Sometimes, the challenge is so great that its negative effects outweigh the benefits. Also, there are times when a school placement fails to understand a child’s full potential. In these cases, a homeschool placement is recommended. When choosing Fit Homeschool, parents choose to teach their child at home through their school district. Fit Learning then provides homeschool support and supplementation in core skill areas.

Children attend Fit Homeschool sessions for three hours per day, and they meet with their coach five days per week. During this time, they receive intensive 1:1 academic and cognitive training. Learners performing several grade levels behind across multiple curriculum areas need more than a 50-minute supplement 4-5 days per week to make up the significant gains they need to close the gap. Regardless of what level your learner is at now, Fit Learning’s Intensive Alternative Educational Placement can rescue a family from the crisis that school (and its assigned homework) have become.

Why Choose Fit Homeschool?

First, your child’s academic skills will be assessed. Then, they will be taught using fast-paced 1:1 instruction that a traditional classroom is unable to provide. At Fit Learning we can ensure your learner’s instruction will be:

  • Evidence-based
  • Systematic
  • Focused on fluency
  • Delivered 1:1, never in a small group
  • Taught explicitly
  • Fast-paced, with learners actively responding
  • Intensive
  • Rich in frequent feedback
  • Multi-sensory
  • Fun! Learning coaches provide lots of reinforcement

How Will I Know if They Measure Up to Their Peers?

We use a progress monitoring system that allows us to compare our learner’s current performance and projected growth to same-age peers using AIMSweb®, CUBED, and HMH Reading Inventory®. Also, this assessment process allows us to see how much growth a learner is projected to make in a traditional classroom setting. So, you can be sure they are making the same or more academic progress using the Fit Learning method.

When students achieve fluency across a broad array of core skill areas for a particular subject, they experience an actual transformation as a learner. A fluent foundation produces learners who demonstrate cognitive fitness, or the ability to learn and perform as an expert in any academic setting on any type of task. Students who are cognitively fit tend to be agile, flexible, focused, perseverant, confident, determined, and able to think critically.

Fluency is Synonymous With Being an Expert

third grade boy with glasses completes a timed assignment with his learning coach during fit homeschool in st. louis at fit learning 63141. He works on his penmanship and his writing skills with his learning coach.

With the type of training that Fit Learning provides, students become experts in the core skill areas of reading, math, thinking, and writing. So, they can effortlessly complete classroom and homework assignments. And, they can engage with their school work in a way that they actually begin teaching themselves new things. It is these kinds of students who will go on to impact our world in profound ways.

It is our commitment to provide this type of training to every student who walks through our doors. Our learners will develop the kinds of skills and expertise that will allow them to do great things and make a difference for humankind.

Begin Fit Homeschool in St. Louis, MO

african american student gets math help and reading help in Fit Homeschool in St. Louis with her tutor at Fit Learning Our Creve Coeur learning lab has credentialed, nurturing, and fun learning coaches who specialize in the latest learning and behavioral science technologies. To start your child on a path of academic success in the St. Louis area, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact Fit Learning St. Louis and talk to our Director regarding the Fit Homeschool program.
  2. Make an appointment for an intake assessment for your student.
  3. Begin Fit Homeschool and notice a change in not only your child’s thinking ability but also their confidence!

Other Learning Services Offered at Fit Learning in St. Louis

We believe every child deserves to feel like a successful learner. We know that homeschooling is challenging, and both you and your student may need support. In addition to offering homeschooling help, our St. Louis area precision teaching center provides a variety of individualized academic learning opportunities. We want to help your student catch up in all areas they are struggling with and help them grow. Our services for school-age children include Fit Math, Fit Reading, Fit Logic, Fit Spelling, and Fit Penmanship. Also, we want to support our little learners, so we offer the Lil Fits program for preschool-age children. Our coaching staff write education articles for our blog and provide relevant information and tips about learning. Our goal is to be a resource for parents, educators, and other professionals supporting students.

If you are ready to get help while you homeschool your student, please reach out to our St. Louis tutoring center and learn more about our talented learning coaches and our academic services.

Note that Fit Homeschool is available via online instruction as well as in-person at our Creve Coeur learning lab. For more information about our distance learning option, see the Online Services webpage … or give us a call!