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All of Our Programs Use a Multi-Sensory Approach That Greatly Improves Visual and Auditory Processing Speed, Working Memory, Executive Functioning, Confidence, and Perseverance

Math icons representing how private math tutors at Fit Math can help your child learn math in the St. Louis area.Ruler icon to represent how our learning coaches provide math help that is different from a traditional math tutor. We can help your child learn math in Creve Coeur, MO!

  • You want to see your child succeed in math class.

  • You have concerns about your high schooler’s ability to perform well on the mathematics section of their college entrance exams.

  • You suspect your child is struggling to learn new math concepts because they lack basic math skills.

As a parent, your child’s success in school is important to you, but they’re really struggling with math. In fact, you’ve done everything you can to support your child. Night after night, you sit next to them at the kitchen table until you’re both frustrated and arguing with one another. You’ve paid for math tutors before, and while more assignments might get turned in, it doesn’t feel like your child is truly understanding math any better than they did to start with. At this point, you both feel overwhelmed and you’re just looking for something different.

young boy in front of chalkboard feeling confident about math skillsYour child CAN learn math.

At Fit Learning, your child will be taught math using a structured, multisensory approach. He or she will use sight, hearing, touch, and movement to understand math and math concepts.

Math may be more challenging for your child than some, but we can help. Your child CAN learn math. At Fit, our staff make learning fun again. We will find the gaps and identify which math concepts your child just didn’t get a firm grasp on when they were first taught.

Then, we’ll fill in those gaps and teach math concepts using a totally different approach than they’ve ever had before. Your child will work one on one with a learning coach. However, this won’t look like traditional math tutoring or homework help. Our coaches are really good at helping your child learn the building blocks for math success in a fun way.

Who Benefits From Math Tutoring at Fit Learning in St. Louis

Your student would greatly benefit from Fit Math if…

  • They are struggling with their homework
  • Your child’s teacher has raised concerns at parent-teacher conferences
  • Their math grades don’t reflect mastery
  • Your child’s grades are good, but your gut tells you something is wrong
  • They just don’t like math, they avoid it, and complain whenever it’s time to do their homework
  • Your child is good at math, even enjoys it, but doesn’t feel challenged in the classroom
  • Or, if your child is good at math, but you want him or her to be great
  • Your child has been diagnosed with dyscalculia, learning disabilities, or learning differences

Our math curriculum covers the basics, like reading numbers, and grows with the learner to include advanced concepts and computation. In other words, we meet your child right where they are.

This list covers some of the broad skill areas covered in Fit’s math curriculum:

  • Numeracy
  • Computation
  • Word problems
  • Fractions
  • Telling time
  • Decimals
  • Ratios
  • Percents
  • Money
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Pre-algebra

Is Your Child Struggling to Learn Math at a Second or Third-Grade Level?

If so, it’s probably because they haven’t become fluent and totally grasped early concepts such as ordinal positions (e.g., first, middle, beginning, after, primary, final), comparative relations (e.g. big, bigger, biggest), and spatial relations (e.g., near/far, before/after, left/right). Your child’s teacher uses a classroom curriculum that assumes your child has already learned specific math concepts. In reality, your learner may not yet have a full grasp on those “building block” math concepts.

The traditional educational approach expects your child to learn high-level addition skills and subtraction skills without first determining if he or she has mastered lessons in reading numbers, understanding place value, and early skip counting. They have to have this knowledge to do things like borrow numbers when they subtract.

Through working with Fit Learning, your child can learn those missing concepts. When your student relearns these early numeracy skills, they will have the skills they need to master new grade-level math skills.

At Fit Learning, we assess for a child’s competence with component (or building block) skills first, then teach those to fluency before teaching higher-level skills. In other words, we make sure your child is really good at the basics and then help them learn the harder skills. This way, they’re not just learning a concept well enough to turn in a homework assignment. Instead, they’re set up for math success for years to come.

At Fit Learning St. Louis, we provide high-quality individualized math help so your child be successful in high-level courses.

Kids aren’t prepared for success in advanced courses like algebra without a solid foundation in the fundamentals. For example, imagine trying to solve 6X+5=29 when you’re struggling to remember your multiplication tables. At Fit Learning, we start all out enrollments with a comprehensive assessment to identify where your child’s math abilities begin to break down.elementary age child plays with pretend money and receives math help from their math tutor in Creve Coeur MO, near st. louis, mo at Fit Learning St. Louis.

As a parent, you might be surprised how many fourth- or fifth-graders (and some middle- or high-school students) aren’t fluent with fact families or multiplication tables. They might be able to fumble through answering a few multiplication problems, but they don’t feel confident in those skills. Basic multiplication isn’t coming quickly or easily yet.

After meeting with you to discuss your child’s intake assessment results, our team of expert educators and learning coaches develop an individualized mathematics curriculum. This curriculum will target your learner’s unique skill deficits. Then, it will train your student those skills to fluency.

More Than Math Tutoring

At first glance, you may be wondering what the difference is between the Fit Math program and other math tutoring programs you’ve tried. Perhaps you’ve taken your student to multiple math tutors with only minimal results.

The difference between Fit Learning and math tutoring or homework help

Traditional tutoring or homework help involves someone trying to explain what your child’s teacher is working with them on in the classroom right now in a different way. This tutoring or homework help is exactly what’s needed for some learners. Unfortunately, homework help sometimes turns into forever help because it never addresses the underlying skill deficits. Most of the time, when a student is struggling, providing traditional tutoring in the form of homework help is like putting a bandage on a broken leg or taking aspirin to get rid of the headache caused by a brain tumor. Your child might be able to turn in more homework assignments and get a passing grade. But they still feel behind and will need just as much help with the next unit or grade level.

The learners we often see in our lab have tried homework help or tutoring programs before and saw minimal results. Maybe grades temporarily improved because more assignments were turned in. Maybe your child understood the concepts being taught slightly better. But they still dislike math. And they still struggle to pass each new unit taught in school. Furthermore, they seem to get more and more behind in math every year.

It is better to treat the cause of the problem, not the symptoms.

Fit Learning approaches math differently. Think of the fluency training we offer as treating the cancer. Instead of treating the symptoms, we go to the source of the problem.

Our learning coach doesn’t focus on the concepts your child’s teacher is going over right this moment. The difficulty they are having in math right now is a symptom. Instead, through our assessment process, we find the source of your child’s struggles in math and we treat the source.

Fit Math meets your child exactly where they are.

Working with our learning coaches begins with our no-obligation comprehensive math skills assessment. This comprehensive math assessment is designed to support the development of an individualized curriculum.

After we’ve identified exactly what concepts your learner is struggling with, our math curriculum targets exactly what your child needs to learn to be a masterful, competent, and confident student. We do this by providing fluency training. Fluency training gives your child the chance to go back and learn the skills they missed before. And, once a learner is fluent in foundational skills, they are ready to apply the skills automatically, without having to think about it. These skills set them up for success in learning higher-level concepts such as like algebra.

Our math curriculum is appropriate for learners as young as first grade all the way through high school. Our Lil Fits curriculum teaches early numeracy skills to learners younger than first grade.

Is Fit Learning the Right Choice to Prepare My High Schooler for College Entrance Exams?

College entrance exams can be very scary for a high schooler who already has to work hard to complete basic math homework. Perhaps your child has struggled in math for years. Or maybe they are already pretty good at math just slower than they’d like and worried about completing the math section in the given time. A comprehensive skills assessment will determine if your child has a deficit in accuracy, fluency, both, or neither. Some learners just need a “fluency booster” to bring the skills they already have (i.e., answers are correct) to fluency (answers are correct AND automatic). These learners usually only need one enrollment to meet academic goals and prepare for success on the ACT or SAT.

Fit Learning Math Curriculum Gets Results

You’ve tried math tutoring in the past. Your child has used their school’s homework help program. Now you’re looking something that will make a lasting difference. Fit Learning approaches learning differently and gets real results. The graphs below show how our learners make huge gains in their math skills. If you’re ready to start treating the problems underlying your child’s math struggles, we’re here to help.

Bar graph showing how students preform on a math intake assessment at the beginning of math tutoring in St. Louis verses how they preform after 40 hours of math help in Creve Coeur, MO at Fit Learning 63141
MCOMP is an assessment and progress monitoring tool (we use the AIMSweb®️) for students in grades 1-8 that measures computation skills such as basic math facts, complex computation through conversions, fractions, percentages, integers, and exponents. This graph shows how students perform on their intake assessment and after 40 hours of math help in St. Louis at Fit Learning.
MCAP assessment that monitors students mathematic skills at the beginning of math tutoring in St. Louis verses how they preform at the end of 40 hours of math help in Creve Coeur from Fit Learning St. Louis 63141
MCAP is an assessment and progress monitoring tool (we use the AIMSweb®️) for grades 2-8 that measures math concepts and applications, such as numbers, operations, algebra, geometry, and linear equations. This graph shows how students perform at their intake assessment and how they perform on the same assessment after 40 hours of precision teaching at Fit Learning.

Second grader at a table learning math with help from a math tutor in Creve Coeur, MO near St. Louis, MO at Fit Learning St. Louis 63141

Begin Fit Math and Get Math Help in the St. Louis Area

If your child is struggling to keep up with the math lessons and homework they are given in school, our Fit Math program can help. Our certified learning coaches are skilled in providing individualized math help using the latest learning and behavioral science technology. To begin Fit Math and get math help in St. Louis, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Fit Learning St. Louis and speak with our Director regarding the Fit Math program.
  2. Schedule a math intake assessment for your student.
  3. Begin Fit Math and watch your child’s math skills increase and their overall academic confidence grow!

Other Learning Services Offered at Fit Learning in St. Louis

We believe every child deserves to feel successful in school. We know that math is only one area where your child may be struggling in school. In addition to providing math help in our Fit Math program, our St. Louis area learning lab provides a variety of individualized educational instruction opportunities. We want to help your student catch up in all areas where they are struggling. Our services for school-age children include Fit Reading, Fit Logic, Fit Penmanship, Fit Writing, Fit Spelling, and Fit Homeschool. We also offer the preschool program Lil Fits for our very young preschool-age learners. Our coaching staff write articles for our education blog to provide relevant information and tips about education. We want to be a resource for parents, educators, and other professionals supporting students.

If you are ready to help your child catch up in school, please contact our St. Louis precision teaching clinic to learn more about our talented learning coaches and our academic services.

Note that Fit Math is available via online instruction as well as in-person at our Creve Coeur learning lab. For more information about our distance learning option, see the Online Services webpage … or give us a call!