Fit Penmanship

Fit Penmanship

All of Our Programs Use a Multi-Sensory Approach That Greatly Improves Visual and Auditory Processing Speed, Working Memory, Executive Functioning, Confidence, and Perseverance.

  • Your child has good ideas but struggles to put them on paper.

  • Your student’s IEP team gave up on handwriting and pivoted to typing goals.

  • As a parent, your gut tells you that, with the right instruction, your child can learn to write letters and numbers correctly on paper.

  • Your learner made handwriting progress with an occupational therapist, but the intervention did not produce the results you expected.

As learning experts, we understand how hard it is to watch your child struggle. Unfortunately, when a child has trouble with penmanship and writing letters and numbers, they struggling in a multitude of other academic areas. This can affect their overall confidence in school and cause them to doubt their ability as a learner.

But, your child does not have to struggle with penmanship, Fit Learning St. Louis has learning coaches ready to help your child learn penmanship skills in a fun way that is backed by science and research. When you enroll your child in Fit Penmanship, you will be amazed at their penmanship improvement and their overall confidence will grow.

Fit Learning Offers Penmanship Help That Is:

  • young african american girl looks at the camera and writes in her classroom. She feels confident after getting penmanship help in St. Louis at Fit Learning St. Louis 63141Evidence-based
  • Systematic
  • Focused on fluency
  • Delivered 1:1, never in a small group
  • Taught explicitly
  • Fast-paced, with learners actively responding
  • Intensive
  • Rich in frequent feedback
  • Multi-sensory
  • Fun! Learning coaches provide lots of reinforcement

Fit Learning’s Penmanship Curriculum Builds Fluency In:

  • Fine motor (touch, squeeze, tap, lace, grasp)
  • Basic strokes (lines, circles, loops)
  • Writing alphabet (upper and lowercase)
  • Writing digits
  • Form and size
  • Copying text

Penmanship Help At Fit Is Different From Traditional Occupational Therapy (OT) Services

young boy smiles at the camera while writing on a piece of paper. He got penmanship help in St. Louis, MO when working with a tutor at Fit Learning St. Louis

An occupational therapist, or OT, would likely teach your child similar penmanship skills. But, the difference between our program and their services is HOW your child will be taught. At Fit Learning. your child will be taught proper handwriting skills using repeated practice opportunities. They will have specific goals set based on previous performance. When your child is enrolled in Fit Penmanship at Fit Learning St. Louis, they will be provided with lots of immediate and enthusiastic feedback to motivate them. Additionally, every response is charted and recorded, so there’s proof of skill gains.

The Fit Penmanship curriculum produces learners who are fluent in proper penmanship skills.

When students achieve fluency across a broad array of core skill areas in a particular subject, they experience an actual transformation as a learner. A fluent foundation produces learners who demonstrate cognitive fitness. This is the ability to learn and perform as an expert in any academic setting on any type of task. Students who are cognitively fit tend to be agile, flexible, focused, perseverant, confident, determined, and able to think critically.

Fluency is synonymous with being an expert. With the type of training that Fit Learning provides, students become experts in the core skill areas of readingmath, thinking, penmanship, spelling, and writing. As such, they can effortlessly complete classroom and homework assignments. They can also engage with academic material in such a way that they actually begin teaching themselves new things. It is these kinds of students who will go on to impact our world in profound ways.

Fit Learning’s Commitment to Your Family

It is our commitment that we provide fluency training to all our learners. This allows every student who walks through our door to develop the kinds of skills and expertise that will allow them to do great things and make a difference for humankind.

Get Penmanship Help in St. Louis, MO:

Cute red headed boy smiles while writing in a notebook at home. He gets penmanship help in St. Louis, MO from Fit Learning who provides tutoring in St. Louis, MO

Our Creve Coeur learning lab has credentialed, nurturing, and fun learning coaches who specialize in the latest learning and behavioral science technologies. To start tutoring in St. Louis, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Fit Learning St. Louis
  2. Speak with our Director and schedule intake assessment
  3. Start to notice a change in not only your child’s thinking ability but also their confidence in school.

Other Services Offered at Fit Learning St. Louis:

Penmanship isn’t the only curriculum we teach at our St. Louis learning lab. Our learning coaches specialize in providing academic tutoring in a wide variety of academic areas. We offer tutoring in reading, math, logic, spelling, and writing. Our Fit Homeschool program offers in-person or online tutoring for families who have elected to homeschool their children. Additionally, we have a wonderful preschool program, Lil Fits, to offer academic instruction to our smallest learners. We know that it’s not always possible to bring your student to our St. Louis area learning lab, therefore we offer online tutoring services to help your child accel academically from the comfort of your home. Contact our St. Louis, MO, tutoring center to learn more about the many ways we can help your child achieve academic fluency.