Fit Study Hall

Fit Study Hall

All of Our Programs Use a Multi-Sensory Approach That Greatly Improves Visual and Auditory Processing Speed, Working Memory, Executive Functioning, Confidence, and Perseverance

  • Your child is smart – and generally grasps the concepts covered in school – but has weak study skills and underperforms on classwork and tests.

  • While their grades are fine, your child’s work has been described as disorganized or sloppy.

  • It takes a long time for your learner to complete their work and they seem unmotivated.

  • You worry that your child will fall behind their peers, especially as the school curriculum gets harder and teacher expectations increase.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, Fit Learning’s online Study Hall program may be just what your learner needs. It helps students develop the foundational academic habits needed for school success. Because when it comes to academic achievement, sometimes a learner’s study and organization habits (or lack thereof) can be just as impactful as their understanding of the material itself. And it’s important to develop these skills early to build confidence and lessen stress, as well as to improve academic performance.

Who benefits from our Study Hall program at Fit Learning?

teenaged girl sitting at desk looking discouraged and needing study skills help from Fit Learning Study Hall programFit’s Study Hall program is a great match the following types of learners:

  • Students who struggle with planning, time management, organization, and motivation
  • Learners whose grades seem fine but could benefit from 1:1 coaching to fulfill their academic goals
  • Children whose teacher has raised concerns at parent-teacher conferences
  • Students whose self-esteem is suffering because they are falling behind
  • Learners who are hesitant to ask for help when they need it

How does Fit Learning’s Study Hall program work?

As with Fit’s other programs, Study Hall kicks off with a comprehensive assessment to acquaint the learning coach with your student. This entails:

  • Interview to identify values and areas of concern
  • Inventory of classes, assignments, and grades
  • Assessment of current academic habits
  • Identification of specific skills to target

This initial assessment is also used for Fit’s Advanced Logic program. Some learners may require one or more Advanced Logic enrollments to prepare them with the prerequisites for the less intensive study hall program.

Once a learner begins the Study Hall program, they will work with a learning coach several times each week to improve their study skills. Along with the regular meetings, Study Hall enrollments include the following:

  • Identification of values and areas of need
  • Specialized data collection
  • Academic aids such as planners, calendars, and to-do lists
  • Grade monitoring
  • Session notes

student in classroom making notes and using organization strategies taught at Fit Learning St. LouisWhat skills are covered in Fit Learning’s Study Hall program?

The Study Hall program is unique in that it targets the underlying skills that students need to succeed and perform to their full potential in school, regardless of what they are studying. The benefits extend throughout their entire academic career. The types of skills covered include:

  • Study strategies
  • Time management
  • Organizational techniques
  • Task initiation and completion
  • Self-advocacy and communication with teachers
  • Schedule management

How is Fit’s technique different from other tutors?smiling student holding laptop, showing confidence gained from Fit Learning study skills tutoring

Fit Learning’s precision teaching method is unlike any other instructional approach. While traditional tutoring can leave learners frustrated, bored, or overwhelmed, Fit’s flexible learning sessions are upbeat and fast-paced, making them truly enjoyable for students.

  • Evidence-based: Fit’s curriculum is backed in science and research.
  • Systematic: Students practice basic skills until they master them, then move on to more complex skills. And they retain the information they’ve learned.
  • Focused on fluency: Your child will work on certain skills until they become effortless.
  • Individualized: We provide 1:1 instruction to every child.
  • Taught explicitly: Sessions are goal-driven and have lots of opportunities to practice the right answer.
  • Fast paced: Coaches hold kids’ attention by moving quickly, so there’s no time to be bored.
  • Rich in frequent feedback: Our coaches resemble sports coaches and work hard to motivate your child through praise.
  • Multi-sensory: Learners practice seeing, hearing, doing, moving, and writing.
  • Fun! Learning coaches provide lots of positive reinforcement, and they reward effort and personal bests.

Check out our FAQ and blog for more details on how Fit Learning’s approach stands apart from other tutoring providers.

How can I get my learner started with Fit Study Hall?

Contact Janice Smith, director of the Fit St. Louis learning lab. She can answer any questions you may have and walk you through the next steps.

Other Learning Services Offered at Fit Learning

In addition to Study Hall, Fit offers programs in expressive writing, logic and comprehension, math, penmanship, reading, and spelling. Our Lil Fits curriculum is tailored to young children and prepares them for school through early exposure to many subject areas. Additionally, the Fit Homeschool program ensures that learners who are homeschooled are making the same or even more progress than children in a traditional classroom.