How Fit Learning Stands Out from Other Tutors

How Fit Learning Stands Out from Other Tutors

Young girl smiles and rasies her hand enthusiastically during a 1:1 tutoring session at Fit Learning, where she has fun and gets more confident as she learns new skills.

Are you considering getting tutoring for your learner? Have you heard about programs such as Brain Balance and wondered if their services would be beneficial?

 If so, you aren’t alone. Many parents are realizing the benefits of tutoring outside of school as a great way to boost their child’s academic and executive functioning skills. However, there are some significant differences among the various tutoring options available. So, before moving forward, it’s important to understand how they stack up. Here’s a rundown of how Fit Learning compares with some other programs.

How Fit Learning Stacks Up to Other Tutoring Solutions

Boy looks over school work thoughtfully while his tutor explains a concept, representing the "aha" moments students experience at Fit Learning.Science-Based Instruction

Some national tutoring programs provide very little, if any, scholarly research backing up their instructional methods. However, Fit’s approach is firmly grounded in science – which makes sense since the Fit founding directors are themselves scientists! More information about the research that serves as the basis for Fit’s method is available here.

No Homework (For Kids or Parents)

Many national tutoring programs require homework (for both students and parents) between sessions. This can place a heavy load on already-busy parents and take away from learners’ time for activities, play, and relaxation. At Fit, all the magic (the learning, that is!) happens during coaching sessions, entailing no outside work or preparation for students or parents.

Focus on Foundational Subject Areas

Some tutoring programs provide little in the way of actual academic instruction, instead relying on unproven therapies or diet modifications. While these interventions may be helpful for some children, they don’t achieve the outstanding results we see at Fit. At Fit, we focus on the core subject areas (such as reading, math, writing, and logic) to provide the learner with a solid foundation for future success. And since all instruction is 1:1 and individualized, learning sessions are conducted with the right amount of rigor to help each learner progress to their fullest potential.

Effectiveness is Proven, Not Just Claimed

Boy sitting at a desk looks up and smiles at tutor, representing the positive and encouraging environment at Fit Learning that helps students gain confidence while transforming their learning.Some tutoring programs claim to be effective but provide only anecdotal testimonies in place of objectively gathered data. At Fit, we measure effectiveness using continuous testing and data analysis. We carefully monitor how each learner is progressing through the curriculum with a view to how they track compared to same-grade peers. And it works. Included here is more information on our outstanding (and scientifically proven) learning outcomes.

Works for All Learners

Many tutoring programs and private schools serve specific kinds of learners – children who are gifted, who have a diagnosis, who are in a certain age group or grade, etc. Fit is unique in that it’s proven effective for ALL kinds of learners from pre-K to high school to young adult participants in University of Missouri -St. Louis’s Succeed program. It yields amazing results for students who are struggling or who have diagnoses. At the same time, it’s ideal for gifted kids and those performing at or above grade level. Across the board, Fit’s customized and flexible approach helps to transform learning and pave the way for future success.

It’s Fun

Let’s be honest: tutoring is oftentimes something that kids dread. It can be boring for some and anxiety-provoking for others. At Fit Learning, fun is one of our core values and one of the ways we stand out from other programs. This is important because research shows that students’ learning improves when they are engaged and having fun. Fit’s credentialed learning coaches make instructional sessions interactive, “game-like” experiences that kids look forward to. The coaches offer lots of positive reinforcement to boost students’ self-confidence. And, at Fit, we reward effort as well as personal bests through praise, prizes, and celebration. It’s a fast-paced yet stress-free environment that helps Fit learners develop a love of learning.

Curriculum Areas at Fit Learning

Fit offers instruction the following subjects: readingwritingmathlogicspellingpenmanship, and kindergarten readiness. There are also dedicated programs for homeschoolersacademic summer camp, and study skills. In addition, our tutoring is available online as well as in-person.Desk with schoolbooks, alphabet blocks, and pencils, representing the various curriculum areas offered at Fit Learning -- reading, math, writing, kindergarten readiness, and more.

Kinds of Learners Served at Fit

As mentioned above, Fit Learning’s 1:1 tutoring works across the board, for children of all ages and skill levels. This includes the following.

  • Learners who are struggling academically in general or with a specific subject area
  • Students who want to prevent summer slide or skill regression
  • Gifted learners who are seeking further enrichment and challenge
  • Students who are homeschooled or whose parents are considering homeschooling
  • Children with learning disabilities, learning differences, special education needs, ADHD or ADD, dyslexia, processing disorders, developmental disabilities and/or developmental delays, anxiety, speech/language delays, or who are on the autism spectrum. (In fact, Fit’s assessment data can help inform IEP decisions and goals.)
  • Preschool children for overall school readiness, including instruction in areas such as early reading and math skills, listening comprehension, following directions, and more

Getting Started at Fit Learning St. Louis

It’s easy to get your learner started at Fit. Simply contact us and speak with our Director, Janice Smith. She can answer any questions you may have and schedule an intake assessment for your child. Then, when your child starts learning sessions at Fit, know that you’ve taken just the right step to transform their learning and set them up for future academic success.