Online Services

Online Services

All of Our Programs Use a Multi-Sensory Approach That Greatly Improves Visual and Auditory Processing Speed, Working Memory, Executive Functioning, Confidence, and Perseverance

You want to see your child be a successful reader.

You live more than an hour’s drive from the St. Louis Fit Learning lab, but you would still like academic support for your student.

You’re looking for the best possible online educational opportunities for your child.

As a parent, your child’s success in school is important to you. Unfortunately, they’re really struggling academically. In fact, you’ve done everything you can to support your child. Night after night, you’ve sat next to them at the kitchen table trying to help them, but it always ends with both of you getting frustrated and arguing. You’ve paid for tutors before. But, your child hasn’t made great academic progress working with them. At this point, you both feel overwhelmed. So, you’re looking for a new solution.

Fit Learning’s Online Learning Services Can Help Your Child Close the Achievement Gap!

Fit Learning St. Louis offers 1:1 academic tutoring in reading, math, logic, penmanship, expressive writing, spelling, and school readiness.

young boy with glasses meets with his online dyslexia tutor for reading help and online learning in St. Louis from fit learning st. louis 63141

Academic progress may come more slowly for your child than others, but we can help. Your child CAN learn math and reading and to think critically. At Fit Learning, our certified learning coaches make learning fun again. First, we identify your child’s academic gaps and the concepts your child didn’t get a firm grasp on when they were first introduced. Then, we’ll fill in those gaps and teach using a totally different teaching approach than they’ve ever had before.

Your child will work one-on-one with a learning coach during their sessions. But, our online enrollments don’t look like traditional tutoring or homework help. Our coaches are really good at helping your child learn the building blocks for academic success in a fun, new way. As shown in the graphs below, the learning outcomes from Fit’s online tutoring are just as impactful as those from live tutoring.

graphs showing that the learning outcomes from Fit's online tutoring are just as impactful as those from live tutoring

Who Benefits From Online Learning at Fit Learning in St. Louis?

Your student would benefit from Fit Learning’s online services if…

  • You are tired of attending progress meetings to learn that your child isn’t making adequate progress on their IEP goals
  • Your child’s teacher has raised concerns at parent-teacher conferences
  • Their grades don’t reflect mastery
  • Instead of making gains, your child is slipping farther behind
  • You want to challenge your child academically

Our curriculum covers the basics and grows with the learner to include advanced concepts. In other words, we meet your child right where they are academically.

Steps in the Fit Learning Precision Teaching Process

young middle school aged girl meets with her autism tutor in St. Louis for precision teaching and reading help with Fit Learning St. Louis

Step 1. Call or email to schedule a comprehensive online assessment.

Step 2. Schedule an online appointment for 2-4 hours of testing. The time for testing varies depending on the curriculum areas we are testing and the academic skills your child has.

Step 3. Spend an hour meeting with our director Janice Smith via Zoom video conferencing to review the assessment results. You will receive a multi-page detailed report of your child’s skills. During this meeting, Janice will discuss academic intervention recommendations. You are free to share the assessment data with members of your child’s educational team or teachers. The data can help inform IEP goals and curriculum decisions. There is no obligation to enroll after completing an assessment.

Step 4. If you decide to enroll your child at Fit Learning, you will complete the intake paperwork and add your child’s name to the waitlist.

Step 5. Once your child is enrolled, they will meet 1:1 with a certified learning coach for 50-minute sessions, 4-5 times a week. It takes about 13 weeks to complete a typical 50-hour enrollment.

Step 6. Stay informed about your child’s progress. Your child’s coach will share a short debrief with you at the end of every session. Additionally, a weekly progress note will be emailed to you. This note will identify the number of personal bests your child achieved and a list of programs that were mastered.

Are You Struggling to Educate Your Child During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

If you’re looking for online tutoring in the St. Louis area, our precision teaching online service may be a great solution to supplement your child’s at-home education. In the meantime, check out this blog post with tips from our director for providing fluency training yourself at home.

Begin Online Learning in St. Louis, MO

teen girl meets with her private school tutor for online learning in st. louis with fit learning st. louis 63141If you want to help your child master academic skills at home, then our online learning services can help. Our learning coaches are available to support your child through the learning process. To begin online tutoring in Missouri, please follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to Fit Learning St. Louis and talk to our Director about the Fit Learning online program.
  2. Make an appointment for a virtual intake assessment for your student.
  3. Begin our online learning services and notice a change in not only your child’s academic skills and confidence!

Other Precision Teaching Services Offered at Fit Learning in St. Louis

We believe every child has the ability to be a successful learner. We know that some students need additional academic support and a different way of teaching. Our learning coaches are trained to provide the highest quality academics support. In addition to our online learning services, our St. Louis area tutoring center provides a variety of individualized in-person academic learning opportunities. Our services for school-age students are Fit Math, Fit Reading, Fit Logic, Fit Penmanship, Fit Writing, Fit Spelling, and Fit Homeschool. Also, we offer the Lil Fits program to give our littlest learners the skills they need to be very successful in kindergarten. Please visit our blog which offers relevant information and tips about learning. We want to be a resource for parents, educators, and other professionals supporting students.

If you are ready to begin online tutoring for your child, please reach out to our St. Louis tutoring center and learn more about our talented learning coaches and our online academic services.