Our Values

Our Values

The Fit Learning Mission is to transform the learning abilities of all children who walk through our doors such that they achieve greatness in their communities and beyond.

We value creating a nurturing environment for our staff, our learners, and their families.

We value a culture of partnership and teamwork. We will work together to ensure our mission statement and values are upheld, and to achieve our organizational goals.

We value responsibility. Being responsible means viewing the learning environment as primary and that we are responsible for the context we create.

We value being a model for change in education. Making a difference at the level of community and society will require we bring our values to bear in these endeavors.

We value a culture of fun. We will bring a lightness and playfulness to our sessions, and in our interactions with one another.

We value operating with the highest integrity and impeccability to ensure our learners receive the very best.