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Fit Learning is not a one-size-fits-all tutoring center in St. Louis. We help our learners build fluency in core academic skills. Our learning coaches combine learning science, precision teaching, and curriculum-based assessment. In the end, our learners are confident, possess the ability to expertly perform in any classroom environment, and acquire a newfound capacity for learning.

If you are unhappy with your child’s grades, or your gut tells you your child’s academic skills and depth of understanding don’t match their grades, then you’ve come to the right place.

When you first visit our learning lab, a learning expert will conduct a comprehensive skills assessment. This will identify your learner’s fluency in a range of core skills identified as indicators of academic success. Then, we develop a curriculum and approach for every learner. The goal is to build true mastery of academic skills for life-long learning success. It doesn’t matter if your learner is gifted and talented, struggling, average, or learning disabled; our approach is scientifically proven to meet your child’s needs.

Parents often notice the red flags in their child’s academic progress before the teacher alerts them that there is a problem. Our comprehensive skills assessment in reading, writing, math, logic, spelling, and kindergarten readiness will identify the building block skills (we call these component skills) that are holding your child back from true mastery of a subject area.

We can help prepare your child for the academic rigor of St. Louis’ elite private schools.

You would like your child to attend MICDS, Community School, Forsyth School, Rossman School, St. Michael School of Clayton, John Burroughs, Whitfield, Principia, The College School, or any of the other wonderful private schools in the St. Louis metropolitan area. But, you aren’t sure they are quite ready for the academic rigor of the curriculum. We can help. Fit Learning’s outcomes yield an average of one or two grade levels of progress in just 50-hours! Sound too good to be true? Check out our data on learning outcomes.

You may have thought, “My child is smart, it’s just his test anxiety that gets in the way.” Or, “I know she could do better if she just had more confidence.” One of the benefits of skills mastery or competence is increased confidence. It makes sense that academic competence should come before confidence, right? Check out our Google Reviews from parents who have been surprised by how quickly their child’s confidence grew after enrolling their child in tutoring at Fit Learning.

When you enroll your child at Fit Learning, you can rest assured that you are doing everything possible to transform him or her as a learner. What does it mean to transform as a learner? Kids who come to Fit Learning benefit not only from our expertise as learning-scientists but also our extensive background and training in human behavior. We know how to improve your child’s attention, lack of motivation, self-esteem, and behavior because we’ve been doing it with other kids for years.

You tried traditional tutoring but were disappointed that your child did not learn as much as you hoped.

Fit Learning is different. We are not like traditional tutoring centers. Why?

  • Fit doesn’t assign homework. Ever.
  • All responsibility for academic transformation is on us. Not you.
  • Our curriculum is individualized based on your child’s unique assessment results.
  • Each child is celebrated for achieving their personal best, not how they stack up against other kids.
  • We don’t provide homework help. Instead, we teach the skills that are keeping them from being successful in school. Ultimately, this will make homework time less stressful.

If you can’t come into our learning lab which is conveniently located in Creve Coeur, MO, then online learning can provide academic support for your child. Our learning coaches know how to provide online tutoring in the core academic areas and achieve skill mastery in math, reading, writing, penmanship, spelling, and comprehension!

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Meet our Director, Janice Smith

My favorite part of being a behavior analyst has always been the teaching part—teaching kids new skills and also teaching teachers, other behavior analysts, behavior technicians, paraprofessionals, and parents. Figuring out how to break skills into small parts (behavior analysts call this task analysis) and measuring progress on academics and life skills like shoe tying, community outings, and setting a table filled my professional cup. However, my role as consultant was often heavy in behavior reduction strategies, primarily aggression, property destruction, and self-injury. Using behavior science to reduce, and sometimes eliminate, aggressive behaviors is immensely rewarding, but it didn’t fulfill me the way that teaching academic skills does. When I learned about precision teaching and the transformative outcomes possible with Fit Learning on the Behavior Observations podcast, I immediately opened my laptop in the airport lobby (where else do I get to listen to podcasts?), sent an inquiry to Donny Newsome, and started planning for my first boot camp experience. As soon as the school that I was working at closed for summer break, I moved to Reno, Nevada, for two weeks to begin intensively training in the Fit Learning model of instruction. The timing was perfect because this was at the same time that my husband and I were transitioning to empty nesters and planning a move back to our hometown of St. Louis. The first Fit learning lab in Missouri officially launched less than nine months later in September 2018!

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