Fit Logic

Fit Logic

All of Our Programs Use a Multi-Sensory Approach That Greatly Improves Visual and Auditory Processing Speed, Working Memory, Executive Functioning, Confidence, and Perseverance

Does your child have trouble following multi-step directions?

Your child’s self-esteem is suffering because they are behind in the classroom.

You suspect your child is struggling in school due to concerns with understanding and comprehension.

Fit Learning’s science-based logic curriculum can help. As our cofounder Dr. Nicholas Berens sums it up, the program “allows learners to read with comprehension, speak with meaning, listen with understanding, and write with expression.” By boosting executive functioning, critical thinking, and comprehension skills, Fit Logic ultimately benefits learners in all subject areas and boosts self-confidence.

Who Benefits From Logic Help at Fit Learning in St. Louis?

Your student would benefit from Fit Logic if…

  • They are struggling with homework
  • Your child finds it challenging to recall past events and tell a story
  • They don’t understand what they read
  • Your child’s teacher has raised concerns at parent-teacher conferences
  • He or she gets easily frustrated when trying to explain themselves
  • Their grades don’t reflect mastery
  • Your child’s grades are good, but your gut tells you something is wrong
  • They are disorganized and has trouble planning for the near future
  • Your child has trouble following multiple-step directions
  • They don’t feel challenged in the classroom
  • Your child is a good student but you want him or her to be great

Fit Logic Trains Grades K-12 to Fluency in Problem-Solving, Advanced Comprehension, Critical Thinking, and Study Skills

Some of the broad skill areas covered in Fit’s logic curriculum include:

  • Following directions: being able to comply with single and multiple step directionsyoung boy smiles during his tutoring session to improve his executive functioning skills using applied behavior analysis in st. louis with Fit Learning 63141
  • Naming: rapid automatic naming of common objects and animals
  • Classifying: categorizing objects into common and new categories
  • Relating: comparisons using space and materials
  • Describing: explaining features, functions, and events
  • Comparing and contrasting: similarities and differences, fact versus opinion
  • Sequencing: the ability to put objects, experiences, sentences, and concepts in order
  • Reading comprehension: the ability to retell and answer questions about what is read
  • Perspective taking: basic and advanced use of pronouns and possessives, both concrete and arbitrary
  • Listening comprehension: the ability to retell and answer questions about what is heard
  • Conversational skills: maintenance of topic, turn-taking, elaboration, question-asking

The Fit Learning logic curriculum is the clearest example of what we mean by cognitive fitness training. Your learner will become a more agile and nimble thinker, better able to describe his or her experiences and environment.

How Can One Curriculum Cover a Span as Wide as Kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade?

The logic curriculum covers both early and advanced content. Each learner advances through the logic curriculum (and all Fit curriculums) at their own pace. They learn from a curriculum that is uniquely tailored for them based on the results from their intake assessment.

Fit Logic Improves Cognitive Fitness

Girl works with her tutor during cognitive fitness training to teach executive functioning skills through applied behavior analysis in Saint Louis with Fit Learning's Fit Logic curriculum 63141Fluency is synonymous with being an expert. With the type of training that Fit Learning provides, students become experts in the core skill areas of readingmath, logic, and writing. This allows them to effortlessly complete classroom and homework assignments. When students achieve fluency across the core skills, they experience an actual transformation as a learner. A fluent foundation produces learners who demonstrate cognitive fitness – or the ability to learn and perform as an expert in any academic setting on any type of task. Additionally, they can engage with the material in such a way that they actually begin learning new things. Ultimately, students who are cognitively fit tend to be agile, flexible, focused, perseverant, confident, determined, and able to think critically.

Students who possess high levels of cognitive fitness will go on to impact our world in profound ways. Therefore, we are committed to providing fluency training to improve cognitive fitness so every student who walks through our doors will develop a set of skills and expertise that will help them to do great things and make a difference in the world.

This graph shows how students improve with private tutoring in St. Louis 63141 with the Fit Logic Program to improve executive functioning skills in our Creve Coeur tutoring clinic.

The above graph shows improvements on a test of reading speed and comprehension with Fit learners moving an average of 25 percentile rankings after 40 hours of private tutoring.

Our logic curriculum is appropriate for learners as young as first grade all the way through high school. However, the majority of logic learners we work with are in elementary school. Our Lil Fits curriculum teaches early literacy, numeracy, and logic skills to learners younger than first grade. It doesn’t matter if your learner has dyslexia or autism, is gifted and talented, struggling or average, or learning disabled; our approach is scientifically proven to meet your child’s needs.

Fit Learning’s Precision Teaching Method is:

    • Evidence-based: Our curriculum is backed in science and research
    • Systematic: Students practice basic skills until they master them, then move on to more complex skills
    • Focused on fluency: Your child will work on certain skills until they become effortless
    • Individualized: We provide 1:1 instruction to every child
    • Taught explicitly: Sessions are goal-driven and have lots of opportunities to practice the right answer
    • Fast-paced: Coaches hold kids attention by moving quickly, there’s no time to be bored
    • Rich in frequent feedback: Our coaches resemble sports coaches and work hard to motivate your child through praise
    • Multi-sensory: Learners practice seeing, hearing, doing, moving, and writing
    • Fun! Learning coaches provide lots of positive reinforcement, and they reward effort and personal bests

Fit Logic for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

Many children — but particularly those with ASD, learning disabilities, and ADHD — struggle with one or more executive functioning skills.

Has Your Child Been Called Disorganized? Lazy? Sloppy?

If those words have been used to describe your child, it may be because they lack executive functioning skills. We use executive functioning skills in almost everything we do. But, the good news is, executive functioning skills can be taught. So, your child doesn’t have to live with these inappropriate and hurtful labels that limit their potential for growth, learning, and opportunity.

This graph shows students at the beginning and end of the fit logic tutoring in Creve Coeur, MO to 63141 to work on executive functioning skills through using applied behavior analysis.

The above graph shows generative reading gains of an average of 26 words per minute on a standardized reading test for kids enrolled in our logic program.

Here is a list and a brief description of the executive functioning skills we work on in the Fit Logic curriculum:

  • Planning: the ability to think ahead and organize and prioritize actions necessary to reach a goal
  • Problem solving: problem-solving requires first identifying a problem and then developing a strategy to solve it
  • Working memory: the ability to remember specific short-term memories needed to execute a function or daily task
  • Attention: attention is closely tied to working memory; it’s the ability to focus and recall from short-term memory
  • Reasoning: also known as verbal reasoning, is the ability to understand, analyze and think critically about ideas, and then be able to use the information
  • Cognitive flexibility: the ability to think on your feet

For more information check out this article on executive functioning and how to support learners with autism.

Fit Logic trains grades K-12 to fluency in problem-solving, advanced comprehension, critical thinking, and study skills. When your child’s skills improve in these areas they will be better organized, able to follow more complex directions, and can more effectively describe their experiences and environments.

Graph 06 here illustrates Fit’s outcomes with learners diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These outcomes are similar to those achieved with other learners.

What You Can Expect to Receive From Your Investment in Fit Logic

At first blush, the tuition for a 50-hour enrollment might seem higher than other places that you have researched. Here are a few reasons why we are worth it…

Fit Learning is efficient.

Other programs might look cheaper until you factor in the length of service. But, our method is currently the only in the world to combine the most highly tested and researched methods into one comprehensive, instructional approach. The result is a profoundly transformative process that consistently produces one year’s worth of growth in as little as 40 hours, with many students reaching two years growth within 40 hours. Other programs may take years to complete.

Fit Logic will give your child the foundational skills they need to be successful, life-long learners.

Reflect for a moment on how much we, as parents, spend on sports training for our kids. It can be a small fortune! The cost of their athletic success includes their uniforms, gear, team memberships, travel, hotels, food, gas, etc. Most of us, though, when asked, would say that academic success and cognitive fitness is just as important, or maybe, more important than athletic success. So, isn’t it worth the investment in teaching your child the skills they need to be successful readers? We think so!

Begin Fit Logic and Improve Your Child’s Cognitive Fitness in the St. Louis Area

You don’t have to live with the worry that your child is struggling in school and continue to watch her self-esteem suffer. Fit Logic can not only help your child become a better critical thinker but will transform your child as a learner. Our Creve Coeur learning lab has credentialed, nurturing, and fun learning coaches who specialize in the latest learning and behavioral science technologies. To start your child on a path of academic success and get logic help in St. Louis, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Fit Learning St. Louis and speak with our Director regarding the Fit Logic program.
  2. Schedule a logic intake assessment for your student.
  3. Begin Fit Logic and watch your child’s critical thinking skills increase and their overall academic confidence grows!

Other Learning Services Offered at Fit Learning in St. Louis

In addition to providing logic help in our Fit Logic program, our St. Louis area learning lab provides a variety of individualized educational instruction opportunities. All of our programs go in depth to help your child learn the core skills they need to be successful. Besides Fit Logic, we offer programs for school-age children including Fit Math, Fit ReadingFit Penmanship, Fit Writing, and Fit Homeschool. Additionally, we offer the preschool program Lil Fits for our very young preschool-age learners. Our educational coaching staff write articles for our education blog and provide relevant educational information and tips to help parents, educators, and other professionals supporting students.

Please contact our St. Louis precision teaching clinic to learn more about our talented learning coaches and our academic services.