Learning Myth: We Should Teach to a Child’s Strengths

Director, Janice Smith, talks through Dr. Kimberly Berens' new book Blindspots: Why Students Fail and The Science That Can Save Them. Dr. Berens book' book covers the myths about learning. Myth #2 is that we should teach to a child's strengths. What does the science say? FALSE. Education's goal is not just to teach what learners already find easy. Teaching...[ read more ]

Learning Myth: Kids Learn Differently

Director, Janice Smith, talks through Dr. Kimberly Berens' new book Blindspots: Why Students Fail and the Science That Can Save Them. Dr. Berens' book covers the myths about learning. Myth #1 is that all learners learn differently. What does the science say? FALSE! All learning occurs through deliberate and repeated practice that is reinforced!

Is it Time to Consider Homeschooling?

young boy next to question marks and a light bulb indicating the success of fit homeschool in St. Louis, MO at Fit Learning who offers tutoring in St. Louis, MO

As a parent, you may contemplate homeschooling your child and immediately feel overwhelmed and exhausted. You want your child to be successful, but you're not sure if choosing to homeschool your child will be a good fit for your family. Currently, there are many scenarios where homeschooling makes the most sense, even if it seems challenging. Some of the situations...[ read more ]

Signs your Elementary-Aged Student Would Benefit from Private Tutoring in St. Louis

mom holds her glasses in frusturation while trying to help her child homeschool during the pandemic. She gets tutoring in St. Louis from Fit Learning

Your child does not enjoy school as they used to. Virtual schooling is really taking a toll on both of you.  Your child has meltdowns when it’s time to work on their school or homework You want your child to enjoy learning. Many students are struggling in school as a result of the pandemic. In fact, research on pandemic learning...[ read more ]

Is Fit Learning the Right Choice for Your Child with Dyslexia?

Orton-Gillingham. If you are the parent of a dyslexic learner, you are probably very familiar with this name. I'm sure you've heard: "It HAS to be Orton-Gillingham!" "But is it Orton-Gillingham?" "Orton-Gilligham is the only way!" And it may be overwhelming. What does Orton-Gillingham even mean? The Orton-Gillingham approach was developed in the 1930s, designed specifically for students with dyslexia....[ read more ]

Empower Youth

Empower Youth expands reach of Fit Learning’s mission to transform educational practices and transform learning abilities of ALL children In 1998, Fit Learning was founded by a couple of graduate students in Reno, a broom closet (seriously)! Today, Fit Learning has grown to help learners all over the globe by combining the science of learning with the art of...[ read more ]

What is Dyslexia and How You Can Help Your Dyslexic Child?

dyslexia child reads a book in a library after she gets dyslexia tutoring in st. louis mo at fit learning st. louis 63141

You are frustrated that your child isn’t reading well. In fact, you’re concerned your child may have dyslexia. Or maybe your child has been diagnosed with dyslexia, but they aren’t getting the support or accommodations they need at school.   You want to see your child make progress learning to read more quickly and are hoping to find a tutor...[ read more ]

How to Find the Best ADHD Tutoring Program for Your Child

My child is bright but his inattention in the classroom is holding him back. I’ve tried traditional tutors but they haven’t been the right match for my child’s unique learning needs. I need a private tutor that is going to motivate my child and teach her that learning can be fun again. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of...[ read more ]

Tips for Providing Fluency Instruction and Keeping Kids Happy at Home During a Crisis

Photo of a young child with messy hands with the words "fit learning st. louis helpful teaching tips" over the face. This is a precision teaching tip from Fit Learning St. Louis 63141

You're ready to pull out what’s left of your now greying hair (seriously, this might be my new color). Some days you want to barricade yourself behind a closed door at the thought of spending additional weeks juggling work, health worries, financial concerns, parenting, and educating your children. You need some tips on how to handle homeschooling your child during...[ read more ]

Test Anxiety

“My child is smart, it’s just that his test anxiety gets in the way.” “I know he/she could do better if they just had more confidence.” Have you ever found yourself saying these things about your child? Frustrated that despite the hard work you see them doing, it doesn’t seem to “pay off”? Searching for an academic acceleration program that...[ read more ]

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