Are you worried about your child’s learning progress?

Are you worried about your child’s learning progress? Concerned about delays or difficulties in core subject areas? Stressed because the pandemic has left your learner falling behind or in constant catch-up mode? Fit Learning’s academic summer camp can get your learner back on track – and more. As many St. Louis families have discovered, Fit’s uniquely engaging and effective approach...[ read more ]

The Effects of COVID-19 on Children with ADHD

Two young children stand dressed as students, smiling. This could represent the joy that comes from Fit Learning in St. Louis, MO. We offer Fit Tutoring, private tutor support, and more. Contact a private school tutor in St. Louis, MO today to learn more.

Has virtual learning been a struggle for your children with ADHD?   Are you worried that they might be falling behind at school?  Even the most talented of students can struggle with symptoms of ADHD. But, the addition of remote learning can make things seem all but impossible. Maybe your child is back in person at school, but now has lots...[ read more ]


A happy student rests her head on a stack of books as she smiles. This could represent how tutoring in St. Louis, MO can support your child with online learning in St. Louis, MO and other services.

What are your summer plans for your child? Get your child set up for a successful school year with Fit Learning! Looking for an exciting academic camp for your child this summer? Need to quickly make up for lost ground during the pandemic? Does your child need to see that learning can be FUN and not boring? Fit Learning offers programs to specifically...[ read more ]

Fit Learning St. Louis is an Alternative to Private School

A smiling child wearing glasses looks into the camera. The could represent the joy from betting a personal academic best. Fit Learning offers support for young learners who might benefit from a private tutor in St. Louis, MO. Contact us to learning about Fit Tutoring and other services.

Are your child’s unique learning needs not being met in their current school? Are you considering a move to an expensive private school, hoping to see better results? Worried that a change of school placement will disrupt your child's friendships? Not ready to spring for St. Louis’ Most Expensive Private School? Looking for a program with proven success for learners...[ read more ]

Learning Myth: We Should Teach to a Child’s Strengths

Director, Janice Smith, talks through Dr. Kimberly Berens' new book Blindspots: Why Students Fail and The Science That Can Save Them. Dr. Berens book' book covers the myths about learning. Myth #2 is that we should teach to a child's strengths. What does the science say? FALSE. Education's goal is not just to teach what learners already find easy. Teaching...[ read more ]

Learning Myth: Kids Learn Differently

Director, Janice Smith, talks through Dr. Kimberly Berens' new book Blindspots: Why Students Fail and the Science That Can Save Them. Dr. Berens' book covers the myths about learning. Myth #1 is that all learners learn differently. What does the science say? FALSE! All learning occurs through deliberate and repeated practice that is reinforced!

Is it Time to Consider Homeschooling?

young boy next to question marks and a light bulb indicating the success of fit homeschool in St. Louis, MO at Fit Learning who offers tutoring in St. Louis, MO

As a parent, you may contemplate homeschooling your child and immediately feel overwhelmed and exhausted. You want your child to be successful, but you're not sure if choosing to homeschool your child will be a good fit for your family. Currently, there are many scenarios where homeschooling makes the most sense, even if it seems challenging. Some of the situations...[ read more ]

Signs your Elementary-Aged Student Would Benefit from Private Tutoring in St. Louis

mom holds her glasses in frusturation while trying to help her child homeschool during the pandemic. She gets tutoring in St. Louis from Fit Learning

Your child does not enjoy school as they used to. Virtual schooling is really taking a toll on both of you.  Your child has meltdowns when it’s time to work on their school or homework You want your child to enjoy learning.   Many students are struggling in school as a result of the pandemic. In fact, research on pandemic...[ read more ]

Is Fit Learning the Right Choice for Your Child with Dyslexia?

Orton-Gillingham. If you are the parent of a dyslexic learner, you are probably very familiar with this name. I'm sure you've heard: "It HAS to be Orton-Gillingham!" "But is it Orton-Gillingham?" "Orton-Gilligham is the only way!" And it may be overwhelming. What does Orton-Gillingham even mean? The Orton-Gillingham approach was developed in the 1930s, designed specifically for students with dyslexia....[ read more ]

Empower Youth

Empower Youth expands reach of Fit Learning’s mission to transform educational practices and transform learning abilities of ALL children In 1998, Fit Learning was founded by a couple of graduate students in Reno, a broom closet (seriously)! Today, Fit Learning has grown to help learners all over the globe by combining the science of learning with the art of...[ read more ]

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