The Effects of COVID-19 on Children With ADHD

The Effects of COVID-19 on Children With ADHD

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Has virtual learning been a struggle for your children with ADHD? Are you worried that they might be falling behind at school? 

Even the most talented of students can struggle with symptoms of ADHD. But, the addition of remote learning can make things seem all but impossible.

Maybe your child is back in person at school, but now has lots of academic ground to make up.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder poses its own challenges to learning. But, add in a PANDEMIC and your child might be experiencing an academic emergency.

Let’s face it, remote learning poses so many issues. Many parents of children with ADHD have found remote learning challenging. They may have found themselves struggling to support their children at home. With in-person learning, teachers can quickly notice when children with ADHD are confused, squirming in their seats, or are needing help refocusing. In a Zoom classroom, it is much more difficult for an educator to notice these signs.

Learning online requires students to be more focused and to be more organized than usual. A child with ADHD may likely already be struggling in these areas, which only makes things harder.

A laughing child has a light bulb flashing on above their head. This could symbolize a child having a lightbulb moment as a result of Fit Learning in St. Louis, MO. Contact us to learn more about Fit Tutoring and how a private tutor in St. Louis, MO can help your child with ADHD through ADHD tutoring in Saint Louis, MO

Here are some questions you might be asking yourself:

  • Could my child already be falling behind his or her assigned grade level?
  • What will this mean for the upcoming school year?
  • What about further down the road?
  • How can I help set my child up now for success later?
  • “What can I DO to help my child?”

Fit Learning is here to help you. We are experts in working with students with ADHD. We offer personalized learning programs tailored for children with ADHD.

What makes Fit Learning different from other tutoring services?

Fit Learning is NOT one-size-fits-all.

We do an in-depth, one-on-one assessment of each student. This gives us a detailed analysis pinpointing exact gaps in learning. In this way, we can set up a customized curriculum for your child. We create personalized goals for math, reading, writing, logic, spelling, or penmanship. We don’t help children with ADHD only complete school-assigned homework. Instead, we focus on working on the building blocks and skills needed for success. We transform learners to help them reach their full potential. We are not only experts in accelerating academics but are also behavior experts with years of experience working with children with special learning needs. After working with us, they can take on learning both in the classroom and in life.

Fit Learning is actually FUN!

We get kids pumped up and ready for learning! Your learner will have a blast because our programs are modeled to be like sports or video games. We want to see a smile on your learner’s face!

Fit Learning programs are fast-paced and goal-oriented.

A young student stands at her desk while balancing an apple and stack of books on her head. This could represent a child benefiting from Fit Learning in St. Louis, MO. Contact us today to speak to a private tutor about Fit Tutoring.

We don’t spend extensive amounts of time on just one thing. We keep it moving with shorter “bursts” of working time! This fast pace with lots of positive reinforcement keeps things exciting and helps hold the attention of children with ADHD.

Kids earn points for their achievements and get to redeem the points for PRIZES! Our learners love perusing our Prize Tower and planning for their next goal! Our coaches are cheering on our learners at every step, encouraging them and enabling them to believe in themselves.

Fit Learning NEVER assigns any homework.

Our coaches are responsible for your child’s transformation, not you! Every session is jam-packed with learning! If a learner is struggling, it is up to us at Fit Learning to find the best way to teach them so that they can feel confident in their abilities and positive about themselves.

The Fit Learning Model™ minimizes the time it takes students to achieve true mastery. Our students typically grow 1-2 years in the targeted curriculum domain after 40-hours of training. 

Common Questions You May Have About ADHD Tutoring

A young child smiles at the lightbulb illustration above their head. This could symbolize a child finally understanding a subject in school thanks to Fit Learning. Contact us today for ADHD tutoring in Saint Louis, MO.

Will my child be in a group with other learners?

No. All of their Fit Learning sessions are private. Your child will be able to focus on their own learning without being compared to other kids as they would in a regular classroom. They are only competing against their own past performances with the goal of improving from the previous session. So, they will focus on beating their own personal best scores! This builds confidence while at the same time limits distractions that can take away from learning.

My child has trouble remaining seated and focused for long periods of time. How will they make it through a whole tutoring session?

Our Certified Fit Learning Coaches understand the challenges ADHD may pose for your child. We incorporate creative solutions to cater to children who have trouble sitting still. For example, during a Fit Learning tutoring session, your child can set a goal and work towards a 30-second dance party as a prize for a personal best! This is just one of many ways we can incorporate movement into our sessions.

My child fidgets and squirms in their chair. Will this prevent them from learning?

A shocked child holds both sides of their head as a lightbulb illustration flashes on above their head. They could represent a child having a lightbulb moment at the Fit Learning Lab. Contact us today to learn about Fit Tutoring, a private tutor, and ADHD tutoring in Saint Louis, MO!

Fit Learning rewards your child for learning achievements. But that is not all. Additionally, coaches are positively reinforcing correct learning behaviors, which are behaviors that have a positive effect on learning. For example, rewards are given for a decrease in fidgeting, for remaining focused and engaged without having to be reminded, or for having a positive attitude. Your child will not be punished for fidgeting. But they will become motivated to fidget less and will learn to increase their self-control. They will continually be rewarded as they make gains both academically and behaviorally.

Act now to get your child the help that they need. Don’t let ADHD define or limit your child’s scholastic performance or lifelong learning! When you schedule a comprehensive assessment with Fit Learning, we will begin the journey of custom-tailored, science-based, FUN academic acceleration with your learner!

Give your child the best opportunity to start their new grade in the fall ready for success, not behind. Life is hard. Let Fit Learning’s ADHD coaching make life easier. The greatest gift that you can give your child is confidence for their future.

Begin Tutoring for Children with ADHD in St. Louis, MO

You don’t have to tackle the effects of COVID alone. Our St. Louis, MO-based lab has certified coaches that can provide tailored, private tutoring for your child. If you are looking for tutoring in the St. Louis area to support your learner, simply follow these steps:

  1. Contact Fit Learning St. Louis and chat with our Director, Janice Smith.
  2. Make an appointment for an intake assessment.
  3. Begin ADHD coaching at Fit Learning and watch your child succeed!

Tutoring Services Offered at Fit Learning in St. Louis

Fit Learning provides a variety of individualized educational instruction opportunities. All of our learning services go in-depth to help your child learn the core skills they need to be successful. We offer programs for school-age children including Fit Reading, Fit Math, Fit Logic, Fit Penmanship, Fit Spelling, and Fit Homeschool. Also, we offer the preschool program Lil Fits for our very young learners. Our educational tutoring staff contribute to our education blog and provide relevant educational information and tips to help parents, educators, and other professionals supporting students.

Please contact our St. Louis precision teaching lab to learn more about our talented learning coaches and our academic services.