See one year’s growth in as little as 40 hours of instruction.

No other tutoring center in St. Louis has a method as fun or effective.

The above graph shows average 40-hour improvements across all subject areas for all learners who have received services at one of our Fit Learning locations.


"In October 2018, my wife and I enrolled our 9 year old son, who is on the autism spectrum, in St. Louis Fit Learning reading program. Admittedly, I was initially very skeptical of Fit Learning based on the limited information available about the program, and certainly had my doubts based on our lack of success with other hourly tutoring programs. Fortunately, my wife convinced me to take a chance on Fit. My wife refers to the progress our son has made as "miraculous", but I think that Janice and her team have very high expectations of the program, and are committed to delivering on the Fit promise of excellence. So far, she and her team have done just that."

-Ted L., Parkway School District Parent

"Fit Math has been an amazing experience for our daughter! Coach Janice and Coach Rhonda have helped her develop a strong foundation that just isn't possible in the school setting. She is happier and more confident than we ever could have hoped for. Thank you, Fit Learning St. Louis."

-Kevin A., Ladue School District Parent

"Fit Learning works” is ALL I have to say! [Our son] was stuck at the same kindergarten reading level for the last 2.5 years. We tried different reading programs, different apps, tutors, and Learning Centers. It was not clicking. He was starving to read. I knew we just had to find the right program for him. That’s when we discovered Fit Learning St. Louis which is new to St. Louis but started in Nevada. After 100 hours of tutoring [our son] is close to a second grade reading level. He is reading everything! Not only are we seeing an increase in reading but with attention, processing, recall, and most of all, confidence. On top of all the progress, he’s also found a new passion. A whole new world has opened up for [our son] and the possibilities are endless!!!”

-Nicole L, Parkway School District Parent