Preparing for Private School Entrance Exams

Preparing for Private School Entrance Exams

prestigious private school requiring entrance exams for admission

Is the plan for your learner to attend a private school? Is your student preparing to take the ISEE, SSAT, or another entrance exam? Are you wondering whether they are truly ready for an admission test? 

If so, Fit Learning’s science-based method is an excellent resource for private school exam prep. Not only is Fit’s approach effective and fun, but it boosts students’ self-confidence, which is important for success on entrance exams and in other testing environments.

Private School Entrance Exams

For some learners and families, attending a private school is an important goal for the future. There are numerous outstanding private schools in the St. Louis metro area – John Burroughs, MICDS, Community School, and Whitfield to name just a few – most of which require an entrance exam to be admitted.

A couple of widely used exams for primary, middle, and high schools are the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) and Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT). Some students take one exam or the other, and many learners opt to take both tests. While the exams are similar, there are some notable differences. For example, the ISEE has four levels, covering grades two through twelve. The SSAT, on the other hand, has three levels, covering grades four to twelve. The writing samples required for each are different, as is the penalty for guessing, which can impact test-taking strategy. Among the two exams, the ISEE’s math section and the SSAT’s verbal section are generally considered the most challenging. Finally, while the ISEE can only be taken up to three times annually, there is no limit to the number of times the SSAT can be taken. A more detailed comparison of the two exams can be found here.

Learner Prep for Admission Tests

The prospect of taking a placement test can be daunting for students and caregivers. After all, the stakes are high, and there can be considerable competition to attend elite private schools. Plus, it’s not uncommon for very bright students to struggle with test-taking and the accompanying anxiety.

Fit Learning Helps With Private School Exam Prep

Fit Learning differs from standard tutoring services, and its unique approach makes it particularly well suited to help students prepping for private school entrance exams.

Fit’s method is transformative.

With a strong foundation in learning science, the Fit experience transforms a child’s academic aptitude and overall cognitive abilities. Learners improve 1-2 grade levels in 40 hours –- which is unheard of with traditional tutoring programs.

Fit’s method is 1:1 and customized.

Learners begin by taking a comprehensive assessment to identify gaps in their understanding. Then, the certified learning coach develops a plan to target those specific building block skills before the moving on to more advanced material. The individualized approach helps focus learning sessions on those areas most critical ahead of entrance exams.

Fit’s method focuses on fluency, not just accuracy.

Through practice, Fit students get to know the material so well that they don’t have to stop and think before responding. They can spend their time and energy on comprehending versus simply decoding the information. This is a critical aspect that makes it ideal prep for challenging (and timed) entrance exams.

Fit’s method is fun and fast-paced.

Fit’s learning coaches are master motivators, always celebrating students’ personal bests. Students actually enjoy attending the learning sessions, and there is never any homework.

Fit’s method is interactive.

Fit coaches provide frequent and immediate feedback, and learners have lots of opportunities to respond and engage. This back-and-forth approach helps students better grasp and retain the information, so it’s ideal for private school exam prep.

Fit’s results are monitored for efficiency.

Fit uses standardized testing to track how the student’s knowledge stacks up to others in the same grade or age group. Through continuous monitoring, the coach stays informed on areas of the student has mastered and where there are knowledge gaps. This allows focused and efficient preparation for the high-stakes testing ahead.

Fit’s method builds confidence.

Even beyond academics, Fit’s approach boosts students’ overall self-esteem, which is essential. The pride and sense of accomplishment that come with successful learning pave the way for students’ success on school admission exams … and throughout their academic journey.

Academic Services at Fit Learning St. Louis

Fit’s subject areas include readingwritingmathlogic, penmanship, spelling, study skills, and kindergarten readiness. Also available are dedicated curricula for homeschoolers, academic summer camp, and a program for those who prefer to learn online versus in person.

And, because of Fit’s uniquely individualized approach, the program works well for all kinds of learners, including those who have learning disabilities, dyslexia, or autism; are average or gifted; and those who are struggling.

Whether used as preparation for private school exam prep or to catch up in class, Fit Learning will help take your child’s learning to the next level … all while having fun.

The Next Steps to Get Private School Prep For Your Learner

So, what’s next? To learn more about how Fit Learning can prepare your learner for entrance exams, contact St. Louis lab director Janice Smith. She can help schedule an intake assessment to kick off the process. Before you know it, your student’s test preparation — and learning transformation — will be well underway.


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