How Fit Learning Can Support Homeschooling Families

How Fit Learning Can Support Homeschooling Families

Middle-school girl at a laptop who is struggling with traditional school and is a good candidate for the low-stress homeschool program at Fit Learning St. Louis in Creve Coeur.

Is your learner struggling at school? Does it seem like they’ve fallen through the cracks and perhaps could use a more personalized approach to instruction? Are you concerned that their anxiety or stress is preventing them from achieving their potential in school? Have you considered homeschooling as an option?

If so, know that you’re not in this alone; Fit Learning can help. Fit supports homeschool families through its uniquely effective 1:1 teaching method and a safe, positive (and fun!) environment.

The world of K-12 education is in a tough spot these days.

Teachers and principals are stretched thin and must make do with fewer resources. Many districts face staff shortages, crowded classrooms and buses, heavier workloads, and reduced student services … plus, of course, ever-present health and safety concerns. Because of these factors, learning at school is more challenging than ever. Many learners have fallen behind after the COVID lockdowns and are finding it harder than ever to catch up (as discussed in a recent New York Times article). As a result, many students are dealing with low self-esteem and anxiety, dreading school, and even experiencing social pressures and worries.

Increasingly, parents are pursuing homeschooling for their learners.

In fact, as US News points out, the number of students homeschooled rose by as much as 63% in the 2020-2021 school year. For many families, Fit Learning’s Homeschool (or Intensive Alternative Educational Placement) program has played an important role in that shift from traditional schooling to homeschooling. Here’s more on how the program amplifies the benefits of homeschooling to learners while also providing needed support to busy parents.

Fit Homeschool benefits learners.

To begin with, Fit’s results are unparalleled.

The average Fit learner improves one or two grade levels after 40 hours of instruction. And, for learners in our homeschool program, the gains are even more dramatic, if you can believe it.

At Fit, learning is fun.

Fit’s flexible learning sessions are upbeat and fast-paced, and students look forward to coming each day. In addition, our learning coaches are experts in behavioral science and motivation techniques, and each day brings lots of reinforcement, rewards, and encouragement.

Fit frees up time to just be a kid.

Since all the work is done during sessions, Fit learners never have homework, tests to study for, or reports to write. So, evenings and weekends can be spent playing, enjoying sports, and being with family and friends.

And, at Fit, learning stress is a thing of the past.

With Fit’s alternative teaching method, learners no longer feel frustrated because the work is too hard. Rather, the culture of fun and positivity fosters self-confidence and a love of learning.

Fit Homeschool also supports parents and caregivers.

Asian girl writing in notebook and smiling, confident in her abilities after receiving personalized instruction from Fit Learning in West St. Louis County.

First, Fit provides a safe and upbeat environment.

Every day, Fit learners are lifted up and celebrated for their effort, performance gains, and personal bests. Social and peer pressures don’t exist here.

Next, Fit’s learning is personalized.

Fit’s 1:1, customized approach meets your learner where they are, with a focus on exactly what’s needed to move forward. It’s effective and efficient.

Fit’s benefits are long-term.

Even beyond academics, Fit learners experience improved self-esteem, critical thinking, agility, and focus – all of which position them for future success.

There is flexibility at Fit.

Some parents opt to enroll learners in all core subjects, while others take a hybrid approach. We’ll work with you to develop a game plan that suits your learner and their needs.

Fit keeps you in the know.

Fit’s ongoing communication and progress monitoring system ensures you always know how your child stacks up to same-age peers. You are never out of the loop.

Fit gives you more quality time with your learner.

Your learner’s time is spent focused on what they specifically need … weekends and evenings are free … no more homework battles. Need we say more?

Finally, accommodations are second nature at Fit.

Because we take a personalized approach, our method uniquely works well for all types of learners. Does your learner have a diagnosis? No problem. Fit has the method, support, and experience to help them be successful. Here are some specifics on how Fit is well suited for a variety of students.

It’s easy to get started with Fit Homeschool.

Fit Learning, a private, one-on-one school in St. Louis, can take your child’s learning – and their homeschool experience as a whole – to the next level. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Contact Fit Learning St. Louis and chat with our Lab Director, Janice Smith.
  2. Make an appointment for an intake assessment.
  3. Then, begin tutoring at Fit Learning and watch your child succeed!