Fit Learning and SCORE: A St. Louis Success Story!

Fit Learning and SCORE: A St. Louis Success Story!

Janice Smith, director of Fit Learning St. Louis, at the lab where private tutoring is provided in reading, math, and critical thinking

We’re delighted to announce that SCORE Association selected Fit Learning St. Louis to feature in an entrepreneur success story video! Check out our press release and the announcement on SCORE’s Facebook page!


SCORE is a nationwide, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow, and achieve their goals through education and mentorship.

Since 1964, SCORE has helped 11 million entrepreneurs start or grow a business. In 2021, SCORE’s nationwide network created 25,084 new businesses and 71,475 non-owner jobs. And last year, the St. Louis chapter alone provided services to 198 small business owners, creating 1037 new jobs.

Fit Learning’s Partnership With SCORE

Included above is Fit Learning St. Louis’s success story video. In it, Lab Director Janice Smith discusses how SCORE has helped in her entrepreneurial journey. She comments, “Thanks to the support I’ve received from SCORE, I’m in a job that I love, leading a business that I care deeply about, I’ve got a staff that loves coming to work, and I’ve got a business that is growing and making money.” With the help of SCORE’s mentoring services, Fit Learning St. Louis offers a truly unique (and woman-owned!) tutoring resource for children throughout the St. Louis metro area.

About Fit Learning

Fit Learning’s method is scientifically proven to effectively help students learn foundational skills that will serve them for years to come – all while having fun and gaining self-confidence. It even provides support to homeschooled students. And, as mentioned in the video, Fit “works one-on-one with kids of all ages and abilities to completely transform their learning abilities in math, reading, critical thinking, comprehension, grammar, composition, and spelling.”

Contact Janice to discuss how Fit Learning St. Louis can take your student’s learning to the next level. She can answer any questions you may have and walk you through the next steps.