Is Your Learner Struggling in School This Year?

Is Your Learner Struggling in School This Year?

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Is your learner struggling in school this year? Having difficulty grasping or retaining the material covered in class? Falling behind compared to peers?

If so, you may be considering tutoring for your child. It’s critical to note that teaching and learning approaches vary quite a bit. Fit Learning stands out from all the rest. It uses an alternative teaching method that combines science-based techniques and fun, engaging learning sessions to produce amazing successes.

The Science of Learning

Fit’s specialized learning model is research-based.

It reflects what learning science has proven to be most effective in helping students learn. In other words, we understand what really helps children learn.

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Fit teaches core skills through to mastery level. 

Fit Learners begin by taking a comprehensive assessment to pinpoint skills where there are knowledge gaps. Then their certified learning coach develops a learning plan to target those specific “building-block” skills. Once the learner is proficient in that initial set of skills, they can much more easily move on to advanced concepts. This approach of “filling in the gaps” provides a strong and lasting foundation.

Fit focuses on fluency, not just accuracy.

Through practice, Fit students come to know the base material so well that they don’t have to stop and “decode” before problem-solving or thinking critically. In other words, they can spend their time and energy on comprehending versus simply deciphering the information. This builds higher-level cognitive skills and agility while also making for a more rewarding learning experience.

Fit fosters collaboration between coaches and learners.

Fit coaches provide frequent and immediate feedback. This gives learners many opportunities to respond and practice. This level of interaction helps students better grasp and retain the material. It also gives the coach an understanding of the learner’s thought process so that they can tailor their teaching accordingly. 

Children who have been struggling in school may feel alone in their struggle no matter how hard their parents try to provide support. Fit Learning’s unique approach gives the child a feeling that they aren’t alone. Their coach becomes very familiar with their strengths and weaknesses and tailors the “tutoring” in such a way that the learner quickly feels more and more successful. That paired with positive reinforcement really gives the learner that feeling of being seen, heard and supported.

Fit continuously measures each learner’s progress.

Our learning coaches use data collection and standardized testing such as AIMSweb on a regular basis to measure each learner’s progressThis regular tracking, or the use of precision teaching, makes learning sessions more efficient. At all times, our learning coaches have a clear picture of where the learner is academically and a clear path forward. Furthermore, the Fit instructional team is always clear on how the student’s knowledge stacks up to others in the same grade or age group.

Education research has also shown us that learning is most effective when it’s entertaining. Which brings us to …

Photo of elementary aged boy with glasses smiling and holding a book representing how our tutors offer dyslexia help Creve Coeur, mo 63141.The Learning Sessions at Fit

Traditional instruction methods can leave learners frustrated, bored, or overwhelmed (or all of the above). Fit’s flexible learning sessions are upbeat and fast-paced, making them truly enjoyable for students. The expert learning coaches are skilled in behavior science and motivation techniques. They use reinforcement, rewards, and lots of encouragement. The team celebrates learners’ effort, performance gains, and personal bests. Fit’s culture of fun makes the learning sessions practically effortless for students.

Fit doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Fit’s multi-sensory sessions are highly individualized to each student’s instructional level and learning goals. Every session is conducted on a one-to-one basis. Learning coaches meet students where they are instead of using a canned system or curriculum.

And, unlike most traditional tutoring, the Fit learning “magic” happens during the actual learning sessions. There isn’t any homework, which makes life easier for both learners and parents.

Fit’s evidence-based program and its engaging learning process are a winning combo, leading to … 

The Academic Successes at FitPhoto of young boy with ADHD who has a book and apple on his head representing how Fit Learning makes math tutoring fun for students with learning disabilities in Pattonville, MO 63044.

Fit’s formula leads to outstanding results. In fact, the average Fit learner improves one or two grade levels after 40 hours of instruction. More information is available here.

Even beyond academics, Fit’s alternative learning method boosts students’ overall self-esteem and confidence. Let’s face it, struggling in school can have a negative impact on a child’s self esteem and their confidence can suffer when they don’t feel successful. Our approach to learning helps combat those negative impacts of their past struggles. How? With lots of positive reinforcement and by giving your child many chances to feel successful every single learning session!

These holistic benefits set up students for future success as they tackle more complex material down the road. Don’t just take our word for it; here is what parents have to say.

Fit’s subject areas include reading, math, expressive writinglogic, spelling, study skills, and kindergarten readinessThere is also dedicated curricula for homeschoolers, as well as a program for those who prefer to learn online versus in person.

And because of Fit’s uniquely personalized process, the program works well for all kinds of learners, including those who have learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, or autism; are average or gifted; and those who are struggling in school for any reason. Whether used for remediation or as a proactive measure, Fit’s approach will accelerate and transform your child’s learning … all while having fun.

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For more information on how Fit Learning’s alternative teaching and learning methods can help jump-start your child’s learning, contact Janice Smith, director of the Fit St. Louis learning lab.