Should I Invest in Tutoring for My Young Learner?

Should I Invest in Tutoring for My Young Learner?

Two boys smile while sitting at a desk, symbolizing how tutoring at Fit Learning builds confidence in young children and fosters a love of learning.

Does it seem to you like everything is more costly these days? If so, you’re not alone. With the financial challenges of the past couple of years (COVID, inflation, general economic uncertainty, etc.), money is tight for many families.

Given that, private tutoring for your learner may seem like a “nice to have” that can wait. However there are significant benefits to investing in quality tutoring for your young child sooner rather than later.

Tutoring Can Benefit Young Learners

  • Early intervention is quicker and actually less expensive in the long run. When you get an early start on tutoring, it doesn’t take as long to get your child caught up to kindergarten or first grade standards. On the other hand, waiting or deferring the decision can compound the problem. It can lead to behavioral challenges, misguided learning disability labels, and challenges with confidence and self-identity. Another common consequence of waiting is watching your learner get assigned to peer groups of students who are also behind or struggling. The bottom line is, a “wait and see” approach costs more in the end.
  • Individualized attention. Tutors can provide your child with the one-on-one attention they need to succeed. This is especially helpful for children who are struggling in a particular subject or who need extra help to keep up with the pace of the classroom.
  • Tailored instruction. Tutors can customize their instruction to your child’s individual learning needs and motivations. This can help your child learn more effectively and efficiently.
  • Boosted confidence. Tutoring can help your child build confidence in their academic abilities. When children see themselves succeeding, they are more likely to be motivated to learn.
  • Improved grades. Tutoring can help your child improve their grades in school. This can lead to a more positive and rewarding school experience.
  • Better study habits. Tutors can help your child develop good study habits, such as time management, organization, goal setting, and effective notetaking. These skills will help your child throughout their academic career. The earlier students are exposed, the more second-nature these skills will be as they progress in age and grade level.

The Benefits of Tutoring Go Beyond Academics

In addition to academic benefits, tutoring can also help your child develop important social, emotional, and executive functioning skills. For example, tutoring can help children learn how to communicate their needs, ask for help, and persevere in the face of challenges. Individualized tutoring can also foster students’ creativity and strengthen their critical thinking skills, opportunities that can easily get overlooked in a crowded classroom.

Tips for Identifying a Quality Tutor

For Investment-Worthy Tutoring, Look to the Science!

Young girl in front of a blackboard smiles confidently after math tutoring at Fit Learning St. Louis. Contact us today to transform your child's learning.

To truly realize the results of your investment in private instruction, you will need a tutoring provider that goes above and beyond the traditional techniques that have been used for many years with limited success. This can be hard to find, but it is offered at Fit Learning.

Fit’s effectiveness extends beyond what you might hear from anecdotal stories or what techniques happen to be “hot” or are trending at the moment. Fit’s founders are scientists and they’ve developed the unique method through years of hands-on work with learners. More information on their backgrounds is available here. Because it was developed by scientists, Fit’s approach is evidence-based, as detailed in this collection of published research. And finally, Fit’s method has been proven effective through extensive data tracking and analysis over the years. For more specific information on how Fit learners achieve an average of 1-2 years’ growth after 40 hours of instruction, check out our Results page.

To Warrant the Investment, Tutoring Should Address Your Child’s Own Needs

Look for a tutor who is experienced in working with your student’s unique needs, including any diagnoses or conditions they may have. At Fit Learning, this comes naturally since learning sessions are always 1:1 (never in small groups). The individualized instruction at Fit can help any kind of learner flourish, regardless of where they are when they begin the program.

  • Fit serves struggling, average, and gifted students. Fit helps students who are struggling in school as well as those who are getting average grades but want to avoid skill regression. Additionally, Fit serves gifted learners to help challenge themselves and reach their full potential. An enrollment at Fit is also a great way for talented students to prepare for admission to exclusive private schools.
  • Fit helps students with diagnoses – or not! Importantly, Fit’s method helps students who have no diagnosis – or who have received diagnoses such as learning disabilities (LD), learning differences, ADHD, dyslexia, autism, developmental disabilities and/or developmental delays, speech/language delays, and or a processing disorder such as slow processing speed.
  • Fit’s programs cover a variety of core subject areas. Fit’s offering includes school-aged instruction in the areas of reading, math, critical thinking and comprehension, spelling, expressive writing, and penmanship. And, to support our youngest learners, we offer the Lil Fits kindergarten readiness program. Fit also offers academic summer camp, a dedicated curricula for homeschoolers, study skills tutoring, and a program for those who prefer to learn online versus in person.

Tutoring Worth Investing in Shouldn’t Mean More Work for You … Or Less Playtime for Your Learner

Blocks with letters and numbers appear in a stack, representing how tutoring at Fit Learning is fun for kids and requires no homework, freeing up play time. Contact us today to learn about 1:1 dyslexia tutoring in St. Louis area.When seeking a tutor, learn about what, if any, work is required outside of tutoring sessions (both for you and your child). After all, for many parents, time is money. Evenings and weekends are busy enough without additional homework from a tutor, which may often require a parent’s assistance. At Fit Learning, there is never any homework. All the responsibility for academic transformation is on us.

Tutoring Should Engage and Motivate Your Child

Fit Learning is fun for kids – they love the multi-sensory approach, frequent praise, and opportunity to win prizes. And the fast-paced learning sessions feel to kids more like a game than school, leaving no time for boredom. Because learners gain self-confidence through their successes, they are more likely to participate actively in class. What’s more, because students are enjoying the experience, it helps spark in them a lifelong love of learning.

Finally, a Solid Investment in Tutoring Should Yield More Than Just Short-Term “Homework Help”

Fit gets to the root of the issue to strengthen students’ foundational skills. Through our assessment process and precision learning technique, we find the source of your child’s struggles and treat the root cause. After the learner fills in those gaps and becomes fluent in those skills, they are ready to move on to learn the more advanced concepts being taught in class. More information on our building-block process can be found here.

Perhaps most exciting of all, Fit’s method equips students to be better learners in the future, even as their schoolwork gets more challenging. In short, it helps them learn how to learn better. An investment in your child’s education doesn’t get more rewarding than that.

Next Steps for Individualized Tutoring at Fit Learning St. Louis

It’s easy to get your child started at Fit. Simply follow these steps:

  • Contact Fit Learning St. Louis and speak with Lab Director Janice Smith about your child’s unique needs.
  • Schedule an intake assessment for your student.
  • Begin Fit Learning and watch your child’s academic skills increase and their overall confidence grow. Be assured that you’ve made an important and impactful investment in their future.